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Can someone, an individual, in this day and age change the world? Artist and inventor Peter Westerveld had no doubt in his mind that he could. Not only that, he said it was easy. The words of a madman or a genius? Documentary

The man who wanted to change the world follows him on his mission to make

the world cooler and climate-proof.

In the film he is working on 'the hydrologic corridor'. This is a project measuring 20,000km2 of desertified land in Kenya, forming one hydrologic system. Here he will apply his contour-trenching techniques in a network of strategic project locations. The goal is to stop erosion, once again enable subsurface storage of water, kick start large-scale reforestation and to restore the water cycle in these project locations. This, he says, will result in atmospheric cooling, a more evenly distributed precipitation and rehabilitation of the ecosystem. With the hydrologic corridor he wants to show the world that the climate can be managed.

He finds an ally in social entrepreneur Dennis Karpes and they join forces in

the Naga Foundation. In Kenya his previous projects have gained him a good reputation and there is great interest in his plans. But Peter is a man of strong opinions and in the Western world his methods as well as the scale of his plans are seen by many as controversial. The corridor cannot materialise without considerable funding. There are many hurdles to overcome and tensions mount.

Just when the necessary funding is in place and Peter can finally proceed with his 'artwork for the world,' he breaks with the Naga Foundation. Shortly after he falls ill and passes away. After his death there is increasing interest from scientists for his ideas and the Naga Foundation continues their work on hydrologic corridors. His dream, to change the world, may still come true.

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